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Ordering Trends for Alcohol & Beer Based on After Hours Liquor Delivery Data

What were the most common beer and alcohol ordering patterns on after hours liquor delivery in 2022? Discover the most recent trends in alcohol order with our unique after hours liquor delivery statistics.

Despite COVID prohibitions being lifted in many locations across the globe and customers going back to restaurants, online sales of alcohol and beer as well as restaurant alcohol orders are rapidly increasing.

The International Wine and Spirits Record said that the percentage of people purchasing alcohol online quadrupled from 19 percent in 2019 to 44 percent in 2020. It was anticipated that in 2022, the market would reach $24 billion.

Listed below are the most popular varieties of beer in the US and Canada as of 2022 after hours liquor delivery in statistics on alcohol orders:

  • Lagers
  • IPAs
  • Ales
  • Brewery beers
  • artisanal brews
  • Stouts and Porters
  • Pilsners
  • Wheat Beer
  • Beers from abroad
  • Malts

Sales of alcohol are expected to increase in 2022 as more individuals choose to take advantage of its convenience. More than 5.2 million orders for alcohol via after hours liquor delivery in in 2022 (including pickup and delivery from restaurants).

Most beer orders were made on Fridays and Saturdays, with Fridays having the most orders. Across all time zones, most beer orders were made at 6 o’clock.

Top three beers by volume of orders

Lagers were the most popular beverage on after hours liquor delivery in in every area of the United States and Canada, where alcohol ordering is legal. The popularity of pale lagers is due to their simplicity of consumption and somewhat hoppy flavour. According to The Drinks Business, lagers like Budweiser, Heineken, Coors, and Corona are among the most consumed beers in the country. In addition, pale lagers dominated several of the top 10 slots in Vinepair’s rating of the 25 most popular beers in America, with Heineken coming in second.

India Pale Ales (IPAs), which came in as the second most popular beer ordered on after hours liquor delivery in in 2022, came in second behind lagers, which took the top place. IPAs, formerly seen as minor participants in the craft beer movement, are now more widely accessible and come in various flavours. As a result, IPAs are the most popular craft beer variety sold in supermarkets and liquor shops nationwide, according to The Brewers Association. The most common IPAs marketed to craft beer lovers are hazy IPAs, which are less bitter and distinguished by their fruitiness.

Ales round out the top three. Ales like the Sierra Nevada, which have a mildly hopped taste and often go well with dishes like burgers and pizza, are a widely-liked option.

States where alcohol is most often ordered

The after hours liquor delivery in app’s three most popular markets for ordering alcohol are California, Texas, and New York.

Over 2.3 million alcohol orders were placed in California overall (which includes pickup and delivery). State regulations on the distribution of beer and other alcoholic beverages vary, but sales indicate that demand will increase through 2022 and beyond.

How to use after hours liquor delivery in to sell beer

Adding a beer order option might be a successful move for businesses. There is less concern about spoiling and wastage since most beers have a lengthy shelf life. The ability to offer beer also gives you the creative freedom to couple your menu items with recommended drinks, adding another level of client convenience and providing another upselling opportunity for your restaurant.

Selling alcohol on after hours liquor delivery in may help boost sales whether your company is a wine shop, liquor store, or another alcohol merchant like a convenience store. Also, selling alcoholic beverage accoutrements like cups, straws, and more may help you reach out to neighbourhood clients seeking a more practical method to deliver beer while also boosting your bottom line.

Join after hours liquor delivery in as a partner to begin selling alcohol over the platform. A merchant specialist will contact you to confirm your liquor license’s validity and the availability of alcohol delivery in your region. You may add alcohol options to your after hours liquor delivery in online shop after they have been authorized.

The customer must accept age verification conditions that state the order receiver is of legal drinking age in their jurisdiction and will produce a valid government ID upon receiving the order after getting an alcohol warning when they are ready to check out.

Use after hours liquor delivery in to boost beer sales

Selling beer on after hours liquor delivery in might be a lucrative way to increase sales for your restaurant, convenience store, wine shop, or liquor store as more customers search for easy delivery. Trying to attract new clients? Become a after hours liquor delivery in partner now to increase your beer sales.


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